The Friendship Baptist Church was organized on Woodlawn Avenue in the year of 1905 by the late Reverend J. C. Taylor and a small group of persons from Third Baptist Church. The group later moved to Canton Avenue where for two years it functioned as a mission. In the year of 1909, on the 9th day of August, the group moved to 30 N. 10th Street. The name Friendship Baptist Church was given by Mr. William McLaughlin who later rejoined the Third Baptist Church.

After the accidental death of Reverend J. C. Taylor on the 29th of June, as he was returning home from the Northern District Convention, the church called to its pastorate Reverend W. L. Harris, under whose administration the new cornerstone was laid. After about two years, Reverend Harris resigned and the church called to its leadership Reverend M. J. Richardson, whose pastorate continued for about nine years. It was under his administration that the remainder of the debt on the church building was paid, leaving only the debt on the sidewalk, which was about four hundred and fifty dollars. After Reverend Richardson left the church, the membership cast about to find someone who would lead them out again into the ways of peace and prosperity. After much deliberation and searching, Reverend Giles Julius Johnson was called from Second Baptist Church in Lima, Ohio to pastor. Reverend Johnson was a graduate of the Virginia Theological Seminary and College, Lynchburg, Va., and having had special work in Religious Education from West Virginia State College, accepted the pastorate on November 9, 1942. It is under his administration that the debt on the sidewalk and all other minor debts were paid off.

On May 2, 1971 ground breaking ceremonies at 3232 Nebraska Ave. were held, which commenced the construction of the Educational Building. The opening of the new Educational Building was on April 7, 1972, with dedication ceremonies being held and witnessed on May 7, 1972.   It was the determination that this facility would serve the needs of all age groups, all races and nations, in Christian standards and education.

We are proud to point out that housed in the Educational Building is a library in honor of Reverend M.F.D. Murphy, sponsored by the Ideal Workers and opened on May 27.1973, titled, "HALLAN FREDRICK DOUGLASS MURPHY LIBRARY".

The Church supports mission and educational work through Negro College Fund Drives, scholarships, the American Baptist Convention, Lott Carey and National Baptist Convention, Foreign Mission Board as well as the benevolent programs and local council of churches.

There are many annual programs that take outstanding note and merit, those being our Church Anniversary, Pastor's Anniversary, Men and Women's Day Program, Organizational Tea, Departmental and Auxiliary Programs, There is always a program of Christian development and training at Friendship.

There are many personalities that are involved in the workings and growth of this great church. The leadership and strength for this continued spiritual inspiration is noted in the personality of our Pastor and his official board with the tentacles of the membership involved in doing a greater service in the community and the city of Toledo, Ohio.

We continue to give God the glory and praise for which He is truly and forever worthy. In 1991 we completed the remodeling of the G. J. Johnson Hall (central air, new restrooms, and new kitchen).

Planning for the New Vision Facility began in 1992. Bro. Michael Key offered the primary design for the new structure.

Elder Charles Rice was appointed as the Project Director.

During the time of 1992 until the present the following events have taken place:

          1994 - Inception of Philio, Inc. (which is later identified as lOP/New Concepts).

1995 - Became an affiliate of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

1995 - Purchased 17.1 acres of land at 5301 Nebraska for the price of $136,800

                     to build New Vision Facility.

1995 - New administrative structured.

1996 - Inception of Toledo Urban Credit Union.

1996 - Licensed first women in ministry.

1996 - Plans for New Vision Facility were approved by the Church.

1997 - May-letter of commitment from Key Bank to finance New Vision Facility. 

1997 - August-ground breaking for New Vision Facility.

1998 - Ordained first women in ministry.

1998 - August-completion of New Vision Facility.

1998 - Open Boys' Group Home.

     2000 - New Attitude On My Image (N. A.O.M.I) reorganized.

     2002 - Philio entered into contracts with agencies for Out Patient Services.

 2002 - Friendship New Vision 501 c3 was formed.

     2003 - Friendship New Vision received a CHDO status.

     2004 - New Attitude On My Image (N. A.O.M.I) received 501 c3 status.

     2005 - Centennial Church Anniversary.

     2005 - Became the Episcopal Office for Full Gospel Baptist Church in the state of Ohio.

               Connecting with 22 other Church Ministries.

     2006 - First ordained woman as deacon.


From 1995 until the present the ministry has worked in a new model of ministry. The outreach ministry arm of the church has spent time structuring them for the 21st century. The years that are mentioned up to the present time have been years of foundation to create nontraditional models of ministry and revenue streams for the Friendship Baptist, to enable us to expand our boundaries outside the temple walls, outside the local community and even to a state and region capacity.

The past years have been a total focusing of ministry. The focusing has involved; changing of office staff, forming the Executive Ministry, updating policies and the constitution of the church.


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