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The Friendship Baptist Church Fellowship Ministry seeks to involve and include all members of the diverse Friendship Family. The Fellowship Ministry includes: The Daughters of Promise that will represent the Women's Ministry, Singles Ministry and the Ideal Workers Ministry. The Men of Destiny will represent the Men and Young Men's Fellowship. The Couples Ministry will represent the married persons of the church. The Fellowship Ministry strengthens families, educates, demonstrates leadership, encourages prayer, uplifts people and empowers all to live a saved Christian lifestyle.


Fellowship Ministries:

  • Women's Ministry   
  • Single's Ministry 
  • Men's  Fellowship
  • Couples Ministry




Daughters of the Promise

Women's Ministry

Mission Statement:   Women committed to saving the lost and cultivating Christ-like maturity. To encourage complete holiness through gatherings designed especially for women. To help educate (mentally, physically, and spiritually) young girls and oppressed women.

Vision Statement:   To minister to the "Total Woman."

Ministry Description:   As women of God, we will seek ways to minister to females, young and old, saved and unsaved. We will encourage complete holiness through gatherings designed especially for women. Women will be educated spiritually, physically and mentally through planned conferences, retreats, classes, etc. promoting health, mind and development. The Women of Friendship will be afforded opportunities to use their God-given gifts and talents, locally and nationally.



The 2nd Saturday of each month; 8:00 AM , after prayer with Bishop Tisdale

Core Leaders



1st Assistant :


Sister Margaret Tisdale

2nd Assistant:


Sister Linda Tisdale and Sister Claudia Taylor


 Singles Ministry

Mission Statement:   To promote Christian fellowship to all single church members, ages 18 and older.

Vision Statement:   We desire to help encourage Christian singles to apply God's Word to their daily lives and to become involved in fellowshipping.

Ministry Description:   Christian singles are in a position to wholeheartedly devote their time and energy to God. The Single's Ministry encompasses the studying of God's Word and then applying it to the single lifestyle. This social form fellowship seeks to minister to the individual holistically.



Meeting as announced .

1st Assistant 


Elder Gwendolyn Hunt

2nd Assistants:


Sister Gracie Barber

 Ideal Workers

Mission Statement:   To proclaim the Gospel ministry through prayer, fellowship and finance.

Vision Statement:   To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, encouraging them to identify with the body through the local assembly.

Ministry Description:   The Ideal workers strive to support other ministries of FBC and the sick and shut in through spirituality and sacrificial offering.



The 3rd Saturday of each month; 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Core Leaders



1st Assistants


Sis Charlest Coley

2nd Assistant


Sis. Deborah Johnson Lott 

Men of Destiny 

Men and Young Men's Fellowship

Mission Statement:  To provide biblical education to men concerning issues faced in the real world.

Vision Statement:   To help men become the leaders that GOD has intended for men to be. That every man in the Friendship family shall become the head of their families and soldiers for Christ.

Ministry Description:   Men's fellowship teaches through Biblical scripture that addresses issues that confront men: marriage, finances, leadership, attitudes, behaviors, thinking processes and positive ways of change. We build upon the messages  delivered from our Pastor on Sunday and in Bible Study. We also use tapes, books and videos as approved through our Pastor and the leadership of the Elders of the church. Furthermore, we plan activities men may enjoy doing to provide Christian fellowship.



Special meetings as announced and Men's Christian Education Class on every Sunday meeting at 8:30 am in the Library of the church.

Core Leaders



1st Assistants:


Bro. Reggie Coley

2nd Assistant:


Bro Terrace Glaze

Couples Ministry

 Couples Ministry

Mission Statement:   To emphasize God's Word in the Holy Union of Man and Women. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and cleave unto his wife: and they shall become one flesh." Genesis: 2:24.

Vision Statement:  The enhancing of couples relationships through Christian fellowship by participation in various outings, meetings, social events and learning lessons to strengthen our marriage from God's Word.

Ministry Description:   The objective of the ministry is to nurture young and seasoned couples through the biblical word and personal experiences. The ministry will assist in providing the key ingredients for a long and prosperous relationship with Christ Jesus.



As special announced events throughout the calendar year. Contact Couples Ministry with emails sent to FBCCouples@Friendship-Toledo.Org.

Core Leaders   Leadership Advisory Council (Appointed by Bishop Tisdale) Mr. William & Mrs. Crystal Austin, Mr. Millard & Mrs. Charlotte Catchings, Mr. Willie & Mrs. Jennie Loper, Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Stacy Mitchell, Mr. William ( Billy) & Mrs. Becky Pierce, Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Ora Roberts, Mr. Craig & Mrs. Stephanie Teamer
1st Assistants:   Mr. Toney & Mrs. Maple O'Neal

2nd Assistants:


Deacon Johnny & Mrs. Dana Hueston



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